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Secrets of the Mystics

Mermaid Spells Same Day - Working with Mermaids

Mermaid Spells Same Day - Working with Mermaids

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Mermaid Spells Same Day - Working with Mermaids

Mermaids are often seen as mythical beings, and they hold spiritual significance in various cultures. These mythical beings bridge the gap between land and sea, embodying balance and duality. Their symbolism represents duality and balance. Mermaids embody the idea of feminine energy, mystery, and the untamed forces of nature, fostering a deep connection to the ocean's spiritual realm.

Spell magick is, in essence, energy work and collaboration with the Primal and other Forces of the Universe and other Divine Beings. For this service, I will work with Mermaids. We are the Creators of our life experiences, and all together we co-create this world. Everything around us is our energy, individually and collectively, that expresses itself through our inner and outer choices as we shape our energy by our choices, and by extension, we shape our reality.

Spell magick is the process of manipulating energy properly and harmoniously. We need to be careful with our magick to be in harmony and balance with the Universe. To maintain peace and equilibrium with the Cosmos, we must exercise caution in our magical practices. Our intentions have great power, therefore it's crucial that we keep them clear and in harmony with our Source Self's ultimate goals. Our intent is powerful, and it is very important to be focused and aligned with our Source Self's intent, which is the most beneficial for All.

The Universe will give you what you truly need and not what you think that you need, so for example, if you are asking for love but you have a specific person in mind who is not the one for you, then you won't get to be with this person, but the Universe will energetically boost you to find the one for you. Meaning that the Universe will bring you favorable circumstances for finding the one for you. In other words, the Universe will align its forces so that you meet the right person at the right time. So long as your goals are in line with the natural order of things and serve your best good, spell magick is a method that can help bring them into fruition more quickly.

Keep in mind that there are five stages to the manifestation of the desired outcome of spell casting. You could get effects right away, or it could take months. You must be prepared to wait and put your faith in the Cosmos. You may know when the results are shifting to the next stage of the five if you pay attention and are in tune with the energies at this time. When we practice spell magick, we need to remember that it is crucial to respect free will. It is not a wise choice to practice spell magick to take someone else's free will, and it will have a negative outcome. Appreciation is very important as well, we need to thank every Being assisting us to manifest our desires and give them time to work the energies to give us the desired outcome of our spell magick.

A request for spell magick is within my purview to refuse. The request of your unique spell may need to be altered if the Universe communicates to me that it is not in harmony with what is the most beneficial for All.

That being said, I won't use spell magick to hurt anyone, and I won't use it to force anyone to do anything against their will.

Depending on the circumstances and your preferences, I will employ a variety of tools (herbs, candles, decks, crystals, incense, oils, etc.).

For this service, I will need your full name, your birth date (including the exact time of birth if you know it), and a recent photo of yourself for a better connection with your Spirit Guides. If there is anything else I need to know to process your request, please don't hesitate to let me know.

After the purchase, I will contact you same day as soon as possible for your proceeding with your order. Once your order is completed, you will receive a proof with a photo of the spell casted and pieces of advice.

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Mermaid Spells

I hope that the mermaids will always be with me and help me, thank you very much to Maria for channeling <3

Everything is energy

Respect your energy, be kind to yourself. Love yourself!