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Angelic Healing and free Messages PDF with the Angelic Golden Ray of Light, working with the Archangels (distant healing)

Angelic Healing and free Messages PDF with the Angelic Golden Ray of Light, working with the Archangels (distant healing)

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Angelic Healing and Messages PDF with the Angelic Golden Ray of Light, working with the Archangels (distant healing)

Hi! My name is Maria and I am Accredited & Certified: Psychic & Tarot Master, Usui Reiki GrandMaster & Quantum Reiki Master, Crystal Fairy Healing Practitioner, Angelic Healing Practitioner/Teacher, Training Provider, and member of the International Association of Therapists - IAOTH.

Angelic Healing is a beautiful heart-full healing modality that works not only with the powerful healing energy of 4 of the main Archangels (Uriel, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel) but also with your guardian angel. The duration of the healing session is around
45-60 minutes depending on each situation. You will receive the free Angelic messages within a week after your healing session is completed.

The healing supports you in all areas of your life and works with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of your life. After I have run the healing I will talk you through what came up in the healing and you can expect the energy to continue working with you for several days afterward you may expect “release” symptoms but this is all good because it means that you are clearing negativity out of your body.

Angels are here to help you, improve and empower your life! It is a Divinely orchestrated process.

About Angelic Healing:

The Angels are Loving Beings, they are totally unconditional in their love, and they can help us in all aspects of life, all we need to do is to ask! They respect free will and so they can't intervene unless we invite them to do so.

Angelic healing can be used to bring healing and light to adults, children, and animals. It can also be used to bring healing to relationships, a difficult situation, a workplace, or any other building/place. Τhere are no specific symptoms that Angelic Healing can’t help with.

Ιndicative symptoms Angelic Healing helps with:

Stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, colds, feelings of uneasiness, tiredness, headaches, migraines, digestive issues, worry, back pain, generally feeling unwell, relationship issues, childhood issues, grief, etc.

The Angelic Healing modality is perfect to use alongside other healing modalities, there are no contra-indications to do so.
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Customer Reviews

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Perfect like always ⭐️

I received the angelic healing and I must say it was fantastic. I felt so happy and loved. I went to sleep after weeks of fighting insomnia. Thank you Maria 💖💖💖


I will always recommend Maria 1000% I have recommended her to my friends because she is amazing & so compassionate. I loved this healing I felt very connected!! Thank you Maria I love all you do for us ❤️

Pure Angelic Energy

Absolutely divine 🙏🏻 Maria’s healing energy through the Angelic Realm is the best! Cannot say enough about this healing session…strong, loving, pure healing.

Potente guarigione angelica

Mi sono affidata a Maria mesi fa ed è stata l’unica a vederci chiaro da subito sulla mia situazione. Mi ha letteralmente salvata. Scegliere Maria è scegliere il meglio per se stessi. La guarigione angelica effettuata da Maria è molto potente. Inizialmente durante la seduta sentivo del fresco e una sensazione di sollievo e pace, con diminuzione della tachicardia che il caldo mi stava causando. Nei giorni successivi si sono mosse diverse emozioni anche negative, perché il mio corpo, mente, spirito si stava purificando. Mi è capitato un evento strano durante i giorni successivi, un auto mi stava investendo perché ero un po’ stordita dal caldo e improvvisamente ha frenato e io in quel momento ho sentito fresco sul viso e nella mano. Ho percepito la protezione angelica, sono certa mi abbiano protetta da un eventuale incidente. Maria è genuina, buona, dolce e lavora seriamente per aiutare le persone. Vorrei che più persone che hanno bisogno potessero avere la stessa mia fortuna di incontrarla. Grazie 💓🌹

Everything is energy

Respect your energy, be kind to yourself. Love yourself!