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Secrets of the Mystics

ONE QUESTION Past life/Mediumship/Channeling/Dream Interpretation Psychic Reading - DETAILED

ONE QUESTION Past life/Mediumship/Channeling/Dream Interpretation Psychic Reading - DETAILED

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ONE QUESTION Past life/Mediumship/Channeling/Dream Interpretation Psychic Reading - DETAILED

Ask any question you want about matters of:
Past lives, mediumship/channeling, and dream interpretation.

I will answer your question in details and any further details given to your reading will be only if I feel guided to. I will make any clarifications if there are needed in regard to your reading.

With your purchase write in the notes your first name, date of birth, and your specific question, if the question is about another person include their name and their date of birth if known. Thank you!

*You will receive within 48 hours an email with the download link of the audio file or an email with your reading written if you prefer it in written form. This service will be in English.

*Give up to a few days if there is an influx of orders. Thank you!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Puts my mind at ease

Whenever my mind is getting too hectic and I want answers. Going to Maria has never failed. Thank you as always <333

surprising reading

I am amazed since she said something that no one can know, she is definitely sincerely communicating with the spirit guides to give us the messages we need to receive, Dear Maria! I am grateful to her for helping me in so many ways 💗💗

Correct timeframe

I really wanted to wait with my review! Maria predicted he would reach out to me within the correct timeframe after we had no contact for 3 months. She was absolutely right I totally trust her and with her positivity the separation period from my twinflame was a lot easier

The clarity I needed

anytime I need guidance or clarity on a situation I can only count on a reading from Maria to help me get through confusing or unclear times. thank you so much for your energy and time!

Amber E.
2 Ex Lover readings

Thank you Maria! Thank you so much as always. Your reading was very spot on and I'm looking forward to your prediction coming true. Thank you again. Currently saving up for a reiki healing honestly.

Everything is energy

Respect your energy, be kind to yourself. Love yourself!