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It was a wonderful reading. Thank you so much


I am always grateful for my guidance from dear Maria! Very grateful!

True Answers

I needed these answers from Maria and she gave me all of them without sugarcoating. Thank you so much <3 She is the best, gifted reader!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I am so happy with my reading and excited to see the results of my spell. I can’t say enough about Maria she is one of the sweetest souls I have met. I feel very lucky to have found her and her guidance has helped me SO much during some of the most difficult times I’m my life. Forever grateful for you Maria 🥰🥰🥰♥️

Moon and Pendulum readings

Thank you, dear Maria, for giving me clarity, intuitive confidence and insightful guidance. Grateful. Thank you!

Spiritual Guidance reading - psychic intuitive Tarot guidance SAME DAY
Spiritual Guidance

I have been coming to Mrs.Maria for a couple years now.. She is hands down the best at what she does and is always accurate!!! She’s very sweet and pure hearted. Anytime I am anxious or am in need of help she is always there with no judgement!! I’m very grateful and honored to be under her guidance. She deserves everything great and more!!❤️I.See some complain about turnaround time or response time please be mindful that she is a small business with just her to complete hundreds of orders alone❤️ I myself have to wait but I promise your patience is worth it!!❤️ Don’t Miss Out!! I encourage all to order.

in depth reading

maria is always so kind and sweet while maintaining her honesty!


Maria is the best! She is a kind soul Shes always acurate. When im having doubts i always get a reading by her and she always gives me clarity on the situation. Shes is my go to when i need answers❤️❤️

Another perfect reading ❤️

Maria has been a guidance to me in the last few years, she is wise and absolutely accurate. The reading was on point as always, I have learnt that Maria is the best of the best! Listening to her beautiful voice was a super plus. We love you Maria! Thanks for everything ❤️

Spiritual Guidance reading - psychic intuitive Tarot guidance SAME DAY

Just when I think Maria couldn’t possibly get any better, she does just that! I was blessed to have received a reading that absolutely made my entire birthday! Not that everything was going my way, but it was the care and delivery of each message. I’ve been going through a horrible family situation and everytime I need clarity, Maria provides that to me in alignment with my ancestors and guides. Maria is truly a gifted Angel here on earth!

Mediumship/Channeling psychic intuitive Tarot reading - psychic intuitive Tarot guidance
Darene S.
Great insight!

I felt really good after getting this mediumship reading. Thank you so much for being so kind and helping me feel better. Now I know how to move forward. I highly recommend Secrets of the Mystics for all your spiritual needs :)

Is he/she the right person for me? Psychic InDepth Tarot Intuitive Reading - Audio

Maria is truly amazing. She means well for all , is kind , caring and keeps it real. She is my go to person for everything. Also so does a little extra especially when needs. Love her.

Mermaids Oracle psychic intuitive reading - psychic intuitive Oracle guidance
Mermaids and Maria to the rescue

Finally on the right path but Maria's guidance showed me even bigger picture. Grateful.

Always late to respond

Love Maria. She is really good. But her response time is a week later. After several messages I have not got a response till now.

Crystal Fairies Oracle psychic intuitive reading - psychic intuitive Oracle guidance
Maryam Diao
She’s my #1 go to for a energy check

Reading was spot on

Angel Oracle psychic intuitive reading - psychic intuitive Oracle guidance

María NEVER disappoints! I always look forward to hearing from her and she always puts her whole heart into the readings and you can truly tell she does not rush anything. Much love always ❤️

Accurate and honest as always

She enlightened me by sweetly articulating what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. I realized that I need to look at the bigger picture and I am grateful that she conveyed all the facts to me as they are. Maria is most trusted reader!

Career and FInances reading - psychic intuitive Tarot guidance SAME DAY
Cure to my anxieties

Work was getting kind of hectic and out of control. And I was feeling crazy, Maria’s readings help get through uncertainty l and I appreciate it lots. Thank you <333

Puts my mind at ease

Whenever my mind is getting too hectic and I want answers. Going to Maria has never failed. Thank you as always <333

Career and FInances reading - psychic intuitive Tarot guidance SAME DAY
annarita bruno
Fantastic read. Thank's Maria

Maria's readings are always sweet and full of details. Irreplaceable. Thank you

one of the best readings ever, thank you

Her reading was so spot on, so detailed, and SO helpful! Everything Maria said was true and she helped me so much with clarity on a situation that I needed! I am so grateful for her and if you are looking for a reading to be able to sort out feelings and align with your guides; go to Maria!!!!

Career and Finances detailed psychic intuitive reading Detailed
r roberts
Career & Finance detailed

A very sincere authentic reader.
Thank you for taking your yr time and care in explaining all.


Love you always for the amazing work that you do!! It’s helped me so much! Especially with me releasing my negative thoughts and emotions!! Now I just have to get better with connecting with nature 💖💖💖

Simply the best.

I’ve been coming to Maria for years now. She has really helped me, and she’s one of the most amazing, clear, and intuitive readers out there. I fully trust her, and I’m so appreciated for her services. She is honest, doesn’t sugarcoat, and is judgment free.

Amazing reading

Thank you so much for your reading. I've had a few with you and you are absolutely amazing and such a kind soul. I appreciate your time and energy always xx