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GrandMaster Reiki Healing for Love & free Healing Report

GrandMaster Reiki Healing for Love & free Healing Report

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GrandMaster Reiki Healing for Love & Free Healing Report

Hi! My name is Maria and I am an accredited licensed Usui Reiki GrandMaster (Level 20) and Quantum Reiki Master. The number of sessions can vary, depending on what you wish to accomplish. Some clients prefer to have one session while others have a series of sessions to work on a particular issue. The duration of the healing session is
60-70 minutes depending on each situation. You will receive the free healing report within a week after your healing session is completed.

About Reiki:
The word “Reiki” is a combination of two Japanese words: “rei,” which means “God’s wisdom,” or “the higher power,” and “ki,” which means “life force energy.” Reiki’s power lies in guided life force energy, which is transmitted to the recipient through the healing power of the practitioner.

How Does Reiki Work?

At the simplest, most obvious level, it appears that Reiki treatment helps lessen the impact of stress, releasing tension from the entire system. Not only does the person move toward his or her own unique balance in body, mind, and spirit, but also, depending on the level of physical health when Reiki begins, the body's own healing mechanisms often begin functioning more effectively.

What is Reiki doing?

How exactly does Reiki release tension and help the body heal? That question has yet to be answered. Although there is increasing research evidence documenting the effects of Reiki (such as lowered heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones; increased immune strength), we have only broad theories as to what causes these effects or the pathways through which the healing occurs.

The multileveled, rapid response to Reiki suggests a complex process that engages many body systems, simultaneously or in quick succession, shifting the body from domination by the "fight or flight" (stress) response to the relaxation response, and supporting the body's own healing mechanisms. Some researchers theorize that Reiki's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing effect is triggered on a sub-physical level, perhaps in what science refers to as the biofield. Our bodies are energetic in nature. Our bones resonate at lower frequencies while our blood, thoughts, etc. vibrate at higher frequencies. This magnetic pulse is known as a bio-magnetic field.

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Customer Reviews

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GrandMaster Reiki Healing for Love & free Healing Report

Hi Maria! Thank you so much as always for your kind words and help on my healing journey! You are always so sweet and kind to me. You also help me extra sometimes when it comes to my self esteem and knowledge on other spiritual things! I truly admire and look up to you so much. Thank you again for EVERYTHING you do Maria. Stay safe and I wish you an amazing and fruitful life as always! Love you!!

Niki Glinellis
Healing review

Such a great healing , instant communication came through right after and I even saw my twin flame. Blockages were removed and communication increased. Maria is the real thing. Evolves and constantly going to the next level.

Everything is energy

Respect your energy, be kind to yourself. Love yourself!