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Secrets of the Mystics

Golden Angelic Healing Ray Practitioner Accredited Diploma

Golden Angelic Healing Ray Practitioner Accredited Diploma

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Golden Angelic Healing Ray Practitioner Accredited Diploma

This unique and powerful energy healing technique taps into the benevolent energies of Angels, guiding you toward balance, harmony, and spiritual alignment. Through this course, you'll learn to channel the Golden Angelic Healing Ray, unleashing its profound healing potential.

😇 You will learn about:

🌟 Matrix and the Energetic Grid/Lay Lines.

🌟 Angelic Orders.

🌟 Angelic Numbers/Colors/Symbolism/Etherical Divine Beings, etc.

🌟 How to perform an Angelic healing session.

🌟 How to prepare yourself and others before the healing session.

🌟 What follows after the healing session.

😇 Connect with Angelic Energies: Develop a deep and meaningful connection with the Angelic realm, enhancing your intuitive abilities.

😇 Energy Channeling Techniques: Work with the 7 Archangels. Master the art of channeling the Golden Angelic Healing Ray for profound healing sessions. 

😇 Balancing Chakras and Energy Centers: Bring harmony and vitality to your energy system, promoting overall well-being.

😇 Providing Healing for Others: Learn how to facilitate healing for friends, family, and clients, becoming a beacon of light in their lives.

Course Notes are provided.

✨ Empirical tips.

✨ Private communication with me when you need guidance in your Angelic healing journey.

You will receive from me 1 attunement to help you activate and connect with the Angels creating a profound bond with the Angelic Realm. When you contact me for your certification we will schedule together your attunement.

✨ This is a pre-recorded online course, you can learn at your pace.

✨ Unlimited time access.

224 total minutes (3:44 hours) of applicable practical and theoretical knowledge.

32 lectures.

✨ All levels.


*After the completion of this course and the completion of your assignment, you will receive in your email an accredited diploma ''Golden Angelic Healing Ray Practitioner Diploma'' recognized globally in the field of complementary therapy.

**You will become an Angelic Healer/Therapist and you will be able to practice Angelic Healing Sessions as a Professional Angelic Therapist.

***Accredited by the IAOTH International Association of Therapists.

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Corso guarigione angelica

Grazie di cuore mia adorata Maria per avermi dato la possibilità di partecipare a questo meraviglioso corso 🥰. E’ il regalo più bello che potessi farmi e ti ringrazio di cuore 🙏😍. Tutto quello che fa Maria è meraviglioso, affidarsi a lei è la scelta migliore per il proprio benessere 🙏😘🤍🪽Grazie grazie grazie

Everything is energy

Respect your energy, be kind to yourself. Love yourself!