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Secrets of the Mystics

Accredited Astral Plane and Manifestation online Course

Accredited Astral Plane and Manifestation online Course

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Accredited Astral Plane and Manifestation online Course

Step into your power and spread your Wings and fly!

Discover the hidden secrets to powerful manifestation with my exclusive course, "Astral Plane and Manifestation." Through this course you will tap to high levels of this powerful and unseen realm, the Astral Plane, and your deepest desires and intentions will be brought to life with unparalleled potency. This advanced technique transcends traditional methods, offering a direct connection to the limitless potential of the Cosmos. You will accelerate your manifestations, and achieve your goals with incredible speed and precision. Manifesting while we are sleeping is a secret that is being kept for years and is known only by a few. I will share with you my experience and knowledge that not even these few who know about Astral plane's secrets do not know currently about it and other important information, tips, and techniques about Astral Plane and how to know your way around. Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn what steps you need to take to manifest your dreams and deepest desires in life and transform your reality through the most powerful manifestation method.

What you will learn about:

⚡ Astral Plane and Manifestation
⚡ Astral Traps and illusions, how to avoid and recognize them, and how to escape.
⚡ Being present and travelling in Astral Plane while being awake.
⚡ Take control of your dreams and Astral body.
⚡ Change your life's patterns.
⚡ World's pattern.
⚡ Soul and energies retrieval.
⚡ Subconscious.
⚡ Knowing your way around Astral Plane.
⚡ Walking the pattern and memories.
⚡ Astral Plane and Skills.
⚡ Astral Plane Levels.
⚡ Astral Portals and how to open your own.
⚡ The key for unlimited power in Astral Plane and not only.

✨ There will not be provided any Course Notes for now, in this course I will teach you my knowledge from my experience and memories, and tips. You will keep notes if you want, this course will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to it.

✨ Private communication with me when you need guidance.

🗓️ Schedule 🗓️

📅 Week 1: Sunday, August 04, 2024
       Week 2: Sunday, August 11, 2024
       Week 3: Sunday, August 18, 2024
       Week 4: Sunday, August 25, 2024
       Week 5: Sunday, September 01, 2024

🕒 Time: 8 pm EEST (1 pm EST)

✨ Total Duration: 20 hours.

📍 Platform: Youtube live private link on my youtube channel @secretsofthemystics (The course will be recorded for those who won't be able to attend when this course takes place)

✨ You will receive from me 1 attunement to help you get control while you are in Astral Plane.

🌟 You will receive an email before and after each lesson, if you miss a lesson you can watch the recording of the lesson afterwards. This course will be in English.

*After the completion of this course you will receive in your email an accredited certification ''Astral Plane and Manifestation'' recognized globally in the field of complementary therapy.

**You will become a master manifestor and you will take control over your dreams and in Astral Plane.

***Accredited by the IAOTH International Association of Therapists.

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