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Secrets of the Mystics

Crystal Fairies Healing and free Messages, working with the 4 Master Elemental Beings (distant healing)

Crystal Fairies Healing and free Messages, working with the 4 Master Elemental Beings (distant healing)

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Crystal Fairies Healing and free Messages, working with the 4 Master Elemental Beings (distant healing)

Hi! My name is Maria and I am Accredited & Certified: Psychic & Tarot Master, Usui Reiki GrandMaster & Quantum Reiki Master, Crystal Fairy Healing Practitioner, Angelic Healing Practitioner/Teacher, Training Provider, and member of the International Association of Therapists - IAOTH.

The Crystal Fairies and the 4 Master Elemental Beings will work on you on a molecular level, supporting you in all areas of your life. The healing duration is 50-60 minutes. After I have run the healing I will send you the free messages from the Crystal Fairies and the Master Elemental Beings that they have for you. The healing energies will work for you for up to a month and you may expect “release” symptoms but this is all good because it means that you are clearing negativity out of your body.

Fairies are powerful beings, who work with the very core of our being and Earth, they influence the elements themselves and by that very connection can support us with all aspects of our growth and development. You may find yourself getting the giggles for no apparent reason as you have this healing session, it's them! Master Crystal/ Elemental Beings we will work on within this healing is "The Clear Quartz Crystal Master", "The Gargoyle", "Lord Pan" and "Mother Gaia".

The Crystal Fairies are very much connected with the feminine principle, they have a child-like nature and pure unconditional love for All!

About Crystal Fairies Healing:

A Crystal Fairy is a tiny elemental or light being that lives within each crystal, its life force sustains the energetic nature of the crystal and the crystal creates the Magical Realms through which the fairy experiences a rich, full existence. Crystals have great powers of manifestations: they are Doorways into the inter-dimensional realms or worlds where the fairy lives.

Crystal Fairy heals the etheric distortion relating to the manifestation of sickness stored
within the physical body as well as clearing deep soul wounding stored within the
consciousness of a person’s spirit. This is wounding consciously experienced and stored
through the evolution of different incarnations on Earth.

Crystal Fairy knows the powers and wisdom its crystal holds. It is like a gatekeeper with the
discretionary power to bestow volumes of wisdom and knowledge on the human being
working with the crystal. Crystal Fairies are highly intuitive and psychic and they protect the power of the crystals, they choose if they will grant access to this power depending on someone's intention so it cannot be used to harm the Earth or anyone else.

The Crystal Fairies Healing modality is perfect to use alongside other healing modalities, there are no contra-indications to do so.

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Customer Reviews

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Amber E.

Love you always for the amazing work that you do!! It’s helped me so much! Especially with me releasing my negative thoughts and emotions!! Now I just have to get better with connecting with nature 💖💖💖

Incredible 🧚

The fairies and Maria made magic happen. These small creatures were magnificent and helped and listen to my desires and they came true!!!!! Almost instantly!! The fairies bring playful and happy energy and trust in the universe . I can’t wait to work with them again for my next desires 🥰🥰🥰

Everything is energy

Respect your energy, be kind to yourself. Love yourself!